Render Print

Render Print is an Application written by Novus Group (Pty) Ltd.

This application is used to render a layer on top of our PDF's used for Print Monitoring.

This layer contains custom logo's and copyright texts

TOP 20 - PDF's Rendered this week.

Total 20 items.
Publication NameTotal
Business Day514
The Star Edition Early - Business Report313
Business Day - Companies and Markets236
Farmer's Weekly 215
Financial Mail133
City Press - Business94
Mangaung Express93
The Star Late Edition - Business Report89
The Star (Late Edition 13h00)82
The Sunday Times82
Tygerburger - Milnerton68
Graaff-Reinet Advertiser & Karoonuus68
The Mercury - Business Report67
The Star (early edition)65
Cape Times - Business Report61
The Witness North West60
Business Day Late Final56